Friday, July 31, 2009

Aspin and Tourmalet-By Car

After returning from my morning ride, buying a new tube, and picking up a couple more CO2 cartriges, Maggie an I headed out by car to the Tourmalet via the Col D'Aspin. Decided not to do these tomorrow, despite the obvious challenge, I don't feel like driving that way again. it will be Superbagneres tomorrow. Right out the hotel door, and tough. So we did a bit of hiking today, and some driving.


  1. Superbagneres is an amazing climb - ever changing - .... so you are obviously staying in Bagneres de Luchon - nice. Enjoy.

    Tourmalet by car? No comment ;)



  2. Will, Correct, that is exactly where we were. This is a really nice place to stay. I would have loved to do the tourmalet and aspin, but since I dragged my wife off the beach in Torradembara, I needed to give her the attention she deserves. Also, I need to leave myself a few reasons to return. Pete