Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finishing with a Bang on Superbagneres

Now writing from home in Indiana. My trip to Spain and France was the experience of a life time. I hope to find a way to do this again soon. Will next summer be soon enough? The last day in the Pyrenees I left the hotel for a quick climb of the Superbagnerese. This was one of my favorite rides of the entire trip. I guess it is pretty tough, but my fresh legs really didn't notice. There were plenty of cyclists on the climb, but traffic was extremely light, with only a couple of cars politely passing me on the way up. The lack of maps of late is due to changes in the Garmin web site which have made it difficult to get data from the GPS. I hope to solve this soon.

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  1. Nice one!

    I loved Superbagnères, a very interesting climb, and better than I expected. Although I had storm clouds and didn't get to see the many surrounding peaks. I have precisely the same photo of those top hairpins ;)