Friday, July 17, 2009

Madone Col de Braus Col de Turini

A billiant day in the Alps Today, Great Ride with 16 New Friends. I think a bad day in the Alps would beat a great day on the road in Indiana. The views are Spectacular. The weather so far is perfect. Note to self, next time break in the tires BEFORE decending a col. I am very happy with the group. The organization is first rate and the quality is very good. Unfortunately only about 50% speak english, but it is not a problem. Lots of trash talk, as most of the stronger guys have nick names. Mine is Armstrong, Danny (Strong young, 12K kms this year) is Contador etc. My nick name chnged to Pete stong today. The Language barrier just makes it more fun.

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  1. congrats on the first climb!!!! It sounds like great fun!!! Can't wait to hear more.
    love you

  2. We are so envious. Enjoy the ride. Weather cool here for RAIN with a bit of tail wind. Should be a good day for all.

  3. We are envious. Enjoy the ride.

    Weather here is cool for RAIN. Should be a good day for all.

  4. RAIN went well. Richmond Cyclers were awesome. JD and Jim Zoellner in 1st group.

  5. Great, I have always wanted to ride Madone. Lots of great rides above Nice.

    Good luck with rest of trip,