Friday, July 3, 2009

More Cedar Grove Hill Work

Went down to Cedar Grove to get some work on the longer hills, with climbs over a mile long, and some pretty steep stuff this is the closest thing to mountains you can find around here.

I started with a run up English Hill, with an 8% avg this is a steady challenge, and in some ways will be closest to what I'm likely to find in France, Followed with Gobblers Knob, this on just keeps getting steeper, and ends up at about 16% grade at the top. Next the ascent of route 1 6-7% steady grade, followed by old 1, about 10%, and We we Hill to 16%, back to English,and Gobblers. Next up a run at New Trenton Hill, the same accent, but this time at up to 20%. This one is killer.

Finally a down up on Elkhorn hill, and finishing with a 3rd roll up English hill. For a total of 10 accents. This ride had about 5kft of climbing, unfortunately GPS battery was dead when I got there. Each of the 3 climbs of English took almost exactly 6:15m:s. That's pretty good considering all the climbing between accents. Ended with about 35miles. I would say this was 15miles up, 15miles down, and 5 miles of level riding. Very pretty ride with lots of great scenery, and challenging roads.

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  1. it sounds like fun. be sure to take a rest before the big trip. all the riders i've seen over here are tiny and trim. i haven't seen a single muscular rider yet.
    Lorenzo seems to think that cyclists have the best bodies;)

  2. Plan for a flat tire on the Cedar Grove hill so that you can collect a fossil or two at the most magnificent exposure of Cincinnatian (Uppermost Ordovician)anywhere. I can't believe that you "use" this world famous locality as just a hill.