Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh my gosh!

Internet access and activities have made it dificult to post anything, but believe me this is everything I had hoped for and more. Day 2 we did the Col Saint Martin, then up to The Cime de Bonette. I was the first to the top, even catching Danny with about 5K to go and getting to the top of the final steep part with a few minutes to spare.
Nex day. Oui. Col du Var, I'zoard, and Lautaret. Sucking wheel(danny) to the top.

Today we did Alp D'Huez and Croix Fer. 1:02 on the alp, and a 23km slog up croix fer. Got passed by 1 "climber" going about 5 mph faster than me on 8% grade.
Tour by terradiversion is awsome.

day 2

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  1. Pete -

    Glad to hear you are having a great trip

    Cime de Bonnette - was there some fresh snow?

    Izoard is a personal favourite from the side you did - Casse Deserte.

    Your Alpe d'Huez time is a little sickening ;) - nice one.

    Your list of climbs now means you will never see another TdF without having climbed at least some of the hills.

    Enjoy Roselend/Saisies and watching the Tour live. (your goal should be to get one of the polka dot hats thrown out by the publicity caravan pre-race and maybe some haribo (great candy). ;)

  2. Will thanks for the kind words. just for measure, i would love to do the Alp on fresh legs! This is the trip of a life time. Maybe again next year if it is financialy possible. Flatted today on the decent of the Roseland! In a curve at 50km oh my gosh. greatest save of my life, and the alternative was nasty. I had to by the round of beer tonight since it was my lucky day.
    I loved Izoard. and the north side of Roseland also. Took it easy today on I'seran, but worket hard on the other 2.