Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just another 3500 meter day Almost

Another epic today, starting with Iseran, the beautiful Cormet de Roseland, and ending on les Saisies. Legs are stable at Toast. No worse today than yesterday. Tomorrow the tour passes our balcony. Todays big adventure. A flat front tire decending the cormet de roseland at 40 kmph+ Dipped and braked for the curve and the front just washed. Save of a lifetime figuratively and literaly, as the alternative was along way down. This being my lucky day, beers were on me.
But back to the ride: Extreme beauty in every glance. a 40Km 35mile decent from Iseran, after a 33km climb to start the day.
Puta Madre is what my spanish amigos say.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Watch your spelling!

    love jen grandma and adam

  2. Pete

    You know Johan Bruyneel went over a cliff descending Roselend .... glad you did better.

    Congrats on Iseran a favourite of my wifes,