Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taper Ride

A week of taper after several >200 mile weeks. I feel like crap. Took a scenic 69 mile ride to Oxford via the Hueston woods state park, then a loop back to Camden and a run up Hoel Hill. Of course the wind resisted my ride home. The good news is that I ditched the SRAM brake pads for new Dura-Ace rubber, and the brakes once again seem to be decent. I love the Force Groupo, put the brake modulation and pulsation has been a pretty major disapointment. I cannot imagine decending major Alpine Cols with brakes like that. After years with Ultegra, I didn't realize that I was being spoiled.
Time to wash the bike, change the tires, and pack it up. Took a picture of myself while riding. Watch for more of these from the classic cols.

See my route from today below:

Bike route 241594 - powered by Bikemap

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