Sunday, June 28, 2009

Recovery Ride

Went out solo for a casual recovery ride. My enthusiasm got the best of me and I ended up with 60 miles. When faced with the option of turning left for a 5 mile ride home on State Line,I remembered that I had failed to get a picture of the Harshman Bridge yesterday. Problem Solved. Also good news; the pump is working today. I had already begun to envision a cyclist funded repair effort. Cannot say much for my pace today, but I ended the week with 264 miles, and non the worse for wear. This was one windy day, with the legs into the 20mph wind slowing me to 14, while the downwind legs were a blast for and effortless 20 plus. I really liked this route, with challenging terain and peaceful roads. Cannot wait to hear how the Pain Train went this morning. Pete
See my Route Below:

Bike route 228174 - powered by Bikemap 

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  1. Wow quite a ride, thise boys must be studs