Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long Solo from Nashville

Dropped Caroline off at Camp near Nashville,IN this morning, and Headed for home on the Bike. Started well with a nice crosswind with a little tail wind component. This turned into a pure tail wind from Greensburg to (almost) Rushville, but about 65miles in, as I approached Rushville-(which was getting a heavy rain shower) the Wind suddenly shifted from SSW to ENE. My speed fell from 22 to 15 in about 200 yards. The last 50 miles were a slog, when I hit 40, I could barely maintain 14-15mph. The headwind subsided as I approached Richmond, and I still managed a 19.2 mph average for 115miles without hurting myself, With 42 miles yesterday, I got 157 for the weekend. I couple shy of my 160 mile goal. Cudos to the RAIN PAIN TRAIN group. I would have joined you, but Caroline wanted to sleep rather than drive, and I don't blame her as she just flew into Indy last night. The new terminal is very cool, but add 10 minutes to your drive time.
Note to self: Don't ride on hwy 3 again. Narrow shoulder, and busy. 46 was ok because the shoulder is 10 feet wide.

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  1. I could have warned you abut IN 3. A horrible road. Used to haul equiqment to a plot in G'burg years ago. Never fun and (I imagine) a little scary on a bike.

    Good effort on your part tho!