Saturday, June 27, 2009

Buckeye Bridge Ride from CFW

Group loop from CFW to Eaton for the Buckeye Bridge Ride. We had about 20 go over. Pat, John, and Darryl Headed back to Richmond, while the rest of us hit the course. This is the forth Consecutive year for me doing this Ride, and every year has been fun. This year the loop ran in the opposite direction from previous years, so the temptation to shortcut home at the end was gone. I ended up with almost a 118 including a finishing loop to CFW for a coldie.

See our Route Below:

Bike route 226982 - powered by Bikemap

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  1. hi,

    thanks for all the pics. I hope your ride is going well today. Avoid cars! They're bigger than you!

    I'm going to go run by the river in a little while. I have a lot of grading to do- it can wait- no one's going to die if they don't get a grade...

    I'm tired from yesterday's walk in the mountains- be sure to look at my pics.