Friday, June 5, 2009

Concord Church TT

Went out for the Concord Church TT tonight AFTER the CFW social. I had a good store of carbs and a tail wind, so I averaged about 23 to the church. My goal was to beat an hour(just under 21mph), and I spent the last 5 miles doing math in my head to determine the pace I would need. When I left the church, it was 19mph for the trip home, but I had to really push for the last 3 miles to make it, I didn't really think I would, but finished in 59:44 for about a 20.9 mph average. I don't think the wind ever helps as much as it hurts, but this year every ride has had wind and/or rain, so I cannot remember what it is like to ride in still air.

See my ride on motionbased here:

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