Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ice Cream Run

At the suggestion of Weber, I decided to get myself an Ice cream at the UDF, Good Idea!
I managed to get another 70miles in today after 85 yesterday, so my conditioning must be improving. I ended the week with about 227, slightly more than last week

Congrats to the time trial group. David the new wheels are pretty cool looking (bling). I'd hate to think how may double lates those are worth! My ride was quite picturesque tonight, with great views from the ridges in Ohio. Since I didn't take a camera for my ride, I'll answer my critics with a picture of my bike, note my faithful companion in the background. Rusty and I continue to suffer in the heat with no AC. Phil if your reading this, still hope to see you Wednesday, or sooner! Maggie if your reading this, I miss you! Looking forward to seeing you soon too.
Link to my route on motion based:


  1. an icecream ride sounds perfect to me. I have icecream runs every day here, seriously. The clerk at the parlour said I was her best customer, and I've only been here two weeks! Lately my only companion on the run has been a girl from Columbus North. And the answer is yes, she'a already kicking my butt. Damn those young people! Maybe I'll trip her one of these days... just kidding:)

  2. I agree, go ahead and trip her