Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cedar Grove Hill Work

Nice little 26 miler with 2500 ft of climbing in about 1:30. Scary wind pushed me up route 1 7% grade at 12mph, Map is a little off with the old Route 1 section connecting at the wrong point to 1.

First trip up English was about 7 minutes, or about 1 minute faster than the last time last year(39:27). Also again limited gearing to 34:20 This is just a bit harder than 39:23. Climbing New Trenton about 5.5mph at 20% grade. I know it's not about the bike, but the Ridley seems super smooth going up and super stable going down. A little creaky when I pull hard on the bars, I need to figure that out. I think it is coming from the spacers moving against each other.

A link to my acivity on motion based from GPS-Note that something weird in the Ascent and decent rate calculationsusing the data, 3150 ft in 42 minutes of ascent = 75 FPM, or 3.75 Watts/Kg during climbing or about 300Watts average during climbing. Not the 30fmp, or 123 Watts that equals. Not tht there is anything wrong with that!

Bike route 176606 - powered by Bikemap

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