Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to Eagle Creek

Couldn't resist the opportunity to go back and ride more loops on the virtually car free park roads again. Managed to get the average over 20.4 for 27.6 miles. This despite the significant hills and curves on the lake side of the circuit. Rode against the grain tonight, passing other riders twice per loop while working to push back the meeting point with each revolution(of 7) I got a little satisfaction in the end when I learned that one of the guys I'd been out-pacing was the Roark Sales guy we met at the hilly.

6 consecutive daily rides is probably the longest streak of my adult life, and 191 miles(thus far) this week. I really should get a tighter cassette though because the big gear steps are bothersome, and I am leaving 4 gears unused in Indiana.

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