Wednesday, August 11, 2010

last Dolomites Day

So I guess I owe anyone following me a bit of an appology for the totally incomplete postings here. Facebook has kind of replaced my blog for daily updates, but honestly, you cannot get very deep there. So yesterday I discovered that all my pictures from day 4 riding were lost. still don't know how, but that is the downside of a 2gb stick. So you know I was pretty slugish on the Stelvio, but what happened next?

On the last day of the Xtreme Terradiversions tour we did Mortirollo, ranked as the 65th most dificult, and 1:25 for me, then 'cause we really want to endulge Angel, and his Sadistic nature, we finished by doing Gavia the hard way. And Oh did I suffer. I can only say thanks to Juan for riding with me to the top, like only a true friend would.

Mortirollo is a truely difficult climb, so steep for so long. I suffered, but i think some of the steeper, but lesser ranked(shorter) climbs may actually be more difficult.

My quote for the day. "The real riding starts when you run out of gears"

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  1. Fantastic,

    I am very jealous: Gavia and Mortirolo have been at the top of my wish list for a while now.

    Nothing like suffering on legendary climbs ;)