Friday, November 6, 2009

Mt Lemmon

Spectacular Rock formations
No it was not a foggy day, just a foggy lens
The ride up Mt Lemmon in Tucson is, by some sources one of the top 3 cycling venues in the USA. I cannot say, but I will say it has got to be up there. I rented a Robaix "Testbike" from a shop that doesn't rent bikes, but Oro Valley Bicycle went above and beyond to get me on the road on a sweet new demo bike. The total ride was 73+ miles, but it really just had one hill. The Catalina highway is a briliant wide stretch of pavement, with spectacular views. Sorry just one cell phone picture. The climb is not super steep, but with the heat and water concerns, it was plenty challenging. 6600 feet of vertical rise, in about 25 miles. Pretty much a 5% average, but some sections made me appreciate the 28 tooth cog. (was it a compact-I don't know, didn't feel like one but I never looked)
It was a little chilly at the top, and the decent was fast and smooth. 25 miles in well under 1 hr.

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