Monday, September 28, 2009

Six Gap Century

Pat and I had a great weekend at the 6/3 Gap in Georgia. One heck of a day. Pat rode a very difficult Metric Century, and was faster than most on the climb of Wolfpen Gap. I managed to get to 56th place out of well over one thousand riders, and finished the ride in 6:01:40, with 5:58 riding, and 3 minutes waiting for the sweet lady volunteers to refill my water bottles. I guess I'm more than just a bit pleased to ride a century like this, and hope that mayby next year we can get a few more area riders to sign up for the challenge. This is a great ride with some really solid clientele and great views. We dodged a bullet on the weather, as the rain that lasted 2 weeks abated just before the rubber hit the road. I thought Hogpen would be a picnic from the south, as it is theoretically less steep than the North, but 42+ minutes after starting this climb, I was pretty sure that it sucked as bad as the northern approach. Overall, this would probably stack up as the single hardest day on the bike in my life. And that is saying something.
See our route below:

Bike route 326317 - powered by Bikemap


  1. congratulations .... very impressive. Sounds like fun, hard work.

    You should time you next europe trip with some of the big amateur events here.

  2. Will, The Alps were great preparation, as the climbs are so persistent. It would be a blast to try any of those cyclosportifs, but I'm still hoping just to get back!