Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome to my new Cycling Blog! This is just a small part of my big adventure planned for the summer of 2009.

I will be joining a group (of Spanish Native Speakers) and attempting to ride across the French Alps from Nice to Geneva.

This is something I have wanted to do for 30years(off and on); but at 47 I think the window is starting to close. I had planned to do this last summer, but complications from knee arthroscopy meant I could not be at my best.

The challenge of riding 800km with 18,000 meters of climbing in 6 days is daunting, my preparation has just begun. Year to date I have ridden about 400 miles. My goal is to ride a minimum of 100miles per week, and hopefully get 2000 miles before the trip starts.

My new ride is a Ridley Excalibur. Replacing my trusted Fuji Team. This is my first Carbon Bike, and I am pretty impressed. Also I have set up with a SRAM Force Compact and a 11-28 cassette, so going up hill should be easier than on my old bike.

Tonight's ride was about 30 miles in the wind and rain. Probably good practice, as I have never been the best at getting out the door in less than perfect conditions.

More to come.


  1. Hablan inglés las otras personas? Hay Vascos en el grupo?

  2. Pretty cool Pete. I will be following your adventure all along the way.

  3. Pat, My first hack at this blogging thing. It looks interesting. Good Luck in the Mini!
    I'll be following you along the way too.