Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Riding on some new hoops.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tourmalet from the West

So the real debate was this, would it be 1 Tourmalet or 2. I wanted to do both sides, but couldn't get a quorum, so we just did the west. This is reputed to be the more difficult, but as the only climb of the day, It wasn't too intimidating. My goal was to summit in less than 90 minutes for the 1408m of ascent. Basically 50vertical feet per minute Juan and I made it with 1 minute to spare, and didn't hurt ourselves in the effort.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pont d'Espagne

So after the dissolution of our Dolomites group Juan, Carlos, Gerson, and I headed for the Pyrenees to get a bit more self induced agony. Upon arrival in Argeles-Gazost we decided to do an evening ride up to Pont d'Espagne. This is a very pretty climb rises 995m in 18.5km or about 5.5% average. Unfortunately I think that we missed the best views by not finishing with the long walk at the summit of our Ride. This climb has a pretty disappointing finish after a very scenic ascent, the parking lot is pretty anti-climatic

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

last Dolomites Day

So I guess I owe anyone following me a bit of an appology for the totally incomplete postings here. Facebook has kind of replaced my blog for daily updates, but honestly, you cannot get very deep there. So yesterday I discovered that all my pictures from day 4 riding were lost. still don't know how, but that is the downside of a 2gb stick. So you know I was pretty slugish on the Stelvio, but what happened next?

On the last day of the Xtreme Terradiversions tour we did Mortirollo, ranked as the 65th most dificult, and 1:25 for me, then 'cause we really want to endulge Angel, and his Sadistic nature, we finished by doing Gavia the hard way. And Oh did I suffer. I can only say thanks to Juan for riding with me to the top, like only a true friend would.

Mortirollo is a truely difficult climb, so steep for so long. I suffered, but i think some of the steeper, but lesser ranked(shorter) climbs may actually be more difficult.

My quote for the day. "The real riding starts when you run out of gears"

Monday, July 26, 2010


So today we climbed the Stelvio. Climbing for 2:20 minutes. 25km 1808 m (5930ft) Climb by bikeBike ranks this as the 52nd most difficult climb in the world. But honestly I am more affraid of tomorrow because the Mortiroolo is so steep for so long that I will long since run out of gears and just need to grind out the 12km. Then we go after Gavia. OMG. Back to today. Most sane people are content with a
simple ascent of Stelvio, but we needed to warm up with an ascent of Martello first for another 12,000ft day.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dolomites Day 2 and 3

I will start by saying that today was a so called Rest day. 75km and 3470m or 11,400 ft of climbing climbing over 2 passes and a bump. I was solid on the sprint to the hotel, but my legs were toast on the last climb. Yesterday was killer with a climb of Giau, Tre Croci, The Killer Tre Cime de Lavaredo, and the Falzarego. 3760m, or 12,300ft. And I think the Cime was the toughest climb in terms of sustained steepness I will ever climb. Until tomorrow when we do Plan de Coronas, and then on the last day Mortirollo the hard way and Gavia. Decending from the Cime, I saw 84kmph, or 52.5mph pretty sure that is the fastest I have ever gone on a bike.

It is very interesting to contrast the alps and the dolomites. These climbs are definitly harder, much steeper, but at least they don't last 40km. One side effect from the climbs is that 6% grades feel like a flat with a headwind. I'm actually serious about that.
Our Hotel in Alleghe is very much four stars, and it is right on the lake, so we can have a cold swim at the end of the ride. Too bad we are leaving tomorrow, but I'm sure the next will be great as well.

Day 2

Bike route 384809 - powered by Bikemap

Day 3

Bike route 384810 - powered by Bikemap

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dolomites Bite

So This trip started with some really tough stuff. I ran out of gears in the first 10km, am discovered that about half the group is stronger than me on day 1. no superstars, but everyone is very solid Passo Fedaia was very tough with many 15% sections, and some short sections over 20 according to Mr Garmin.

The Dolomites are absolutely spectacular.